Where I’m at.

I’ve been stabbing myself in the stomach for nine days now, and in the thigh for five. The Ganirelix, which is the thigh-stabby, ovulation-preventing med, gives me a hive around the injection site for an hour or so. No big deal. The Follistim just makes me bruised – I look like I have been repeatedly bitten in the stomach by a small, angry snake. Either the Citra-Cal, the Folplex, or both are giving me indigestion. One or all of the above drugs are making me incredibly sleepy.

Saturday night, at 1am (Sunday morning for sticklers), I’m supposed to get the HCG shot. I’m hoping I can get a friend to do it, since I don’t feel super-comfortable with stabbing myself where I can’t see. I’d ask my husband to do it, but it would be terribly inconvenient to have him faint after putting the needle in, leaving me with half an ampule of medication dangling from my buttock. Plus he might hit his head when he fell, and be totally useless for babying me after the egg retrieval.

The egg retrieval, which is scheduled for Monday, should be the fun part. I’m looking forward to the Valium, though I’m a little apprehensive about the anesthetic. I don’t think vomiting will be much fun right after having my vagina impaled with a big-ass(pirating) needle. I will return to work on Tuesday, when I will endeavor to update y’all (all you thousands of people who read this thing) on how it went.


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