Oh! (ss)

Ha ha! Nice one, universe.

At the end of a scheduling phone call to the clinic, it occurred to me to mention the incredible bloating and discomfort. “Oh!” said the study coordinator, grabbing a calendar and counting rapidly. “That’s very exciting!”

Not the word I was expecting, I thought. Out loud I asked, “Really? Why?”

“Because it means you’re probably hyperstimulating.”

“Um, isn’t that a bad thing?”

“Well, yes, but since your symptoms didn’t start until almost a week after your embryo transfer, it might very well mean you’re pregnant.”

Apparently, OHSS is caused by HCG, the pregnancy hormone. Some women who get it, get it from the HCG trigger shot they give right before you ovulate. But other women develop it when their own bodies begin producing HCG in pregnancy.

I asked cautiously, “Should I get excited? Because I don’t want to get excited if I’m going to be wrong.”

“I think you can get excited.”

So, don’t tell anyone. But I’m excited.

I am also drinking three liters of Gatorade and water each day in order to prevent myself from popping or going into organ failure or something unpleasant like that.

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome


1 Comment

  1. tamaraengert said,

    July 25, 2007 at 6:55 pm

    wow!!! that’s fantastic news!!! I know its still in an early stage but I am excited in your place 😀 Congratz!!!
    Thanks for your sweet message on my blog too!!!

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