Doctor knows best.

I haven’t had occasion to discuss this yet here, but I have a big issue with the over-medicalization of women’s bodies, pregnancy, and birth. I know this sounds odd – even to me – considering all the medical madness I’m going through in order to get pregnant. But I firmly believe that women need to thoroughly educate themselves, and advocate for themselves in situations where doctors and other medical professionals tend to charge forward without explaining or asking permission.

I mention this mainly to contextualize something an anesthesiologist said to me yesterday (in a non-medical setting).

“Epidurals are great because they numb you from the waist down, so instead of sweating and screaming in pain you can cooperate with the doctors and do what you’re told.”

I bit my tongue – had to, because the man’s a client at my law firm – but seriously? Do what you’re told?


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